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Nine (9) Piece Nativity Scene

This 9 piece Nativity Scene consists of  Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Lamb, Donkey, Camel and 3 Wise Men.  They are all painted with latex paint and the front, back, and edges are sealed with a waterproof sealer to protect them from wet weather.   U shaped hardware is attached to the back so you can slide it easily over rebar that you provide.

Nine (9) pieces are included in this set:

  • Mary – measures 29″ tall x 17″ wide
  • Baby Jesus – measures 22″ long x 15″ tall
  • Joseph – measures 36″ tall x 14″ wide
  • Camel – measures 60″ tall x 48″ wide
  • Donkey – measures 26″ wide x 16″ tall
  • Lamb – measures 21″ wide X 15″ tall
  • Three Wise Men – each measures 36″ tall x 16″ wide

NOTE: All measurements are approximate

SHIPPING: Shipping costs vary by location, please Contact Me directly for more info. For shipping and storage purposes, the camel’s legs are hinged in the middle and fold back. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we can arrange for you to pick up this set and save money.

PRICE: $300.00 plus shipping MaryJosephBabyCamelDonkeyLamb

Posted by Stephanie Thomason - March 10, 2013 at 3:41 am

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