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Entertaining Household Items

These “Arts with Function” items are designed to meet your entertaining needs.  Envision you and your guests sitting out on the veranda, or sitting at the wet bar in your game room, or just sitting out on the back deck enjoying a summertime evening near the pool.  The large patio ash tray is a favorite and can be made to look like your favorite brand of cigarettes. Filled with sand for snuffing and easy clean out with a fork.

COASTERS:  Price: $12.00 minimum for a set of 4. Characters: $16.00

chili-coaster.jpg (13002 bytes)coyotecoaster.jpg (12700 bytes)boopcoaster.jpg (17598 bytes)txstcoasters.jpg (11340 bytes)usacoast.jpg (20257 bytes)texas state coaster .jpgeaglecoaster.jpg (25178 bytes)beatles-coasters.jpg (96773 bytes)texas-black-tan-coaster.jpg (14109 bytes)  Trays:$12.00 Minimum; $18.00 Characters

Texas Flag Traytexas-black-tan.jpg (13071 bytes)boop-rhs-tray.jpg (112507 bytes)beatlestray.jpg (19915 bytes)chilitray.jpg (11776 bytes)coyotetray.jpg (15870 bytes)hemptray.jpg (24419 bytes) NAPKINHOLDERS: $12.00 minimum, $16.00 with Characters:

Large AshtrayLarge Patio Ashtray:  $45.00 minimum. Stands approx.24″ tall.  Heavy duty made with 1/2″ plywood and sealed to protect against wet weather.

Table Top Ashtrays painted like your favorite brands filled with sand for easy snuffing and clean out with a fork.  Prices vary. Table Size



Posted by Stephanie Thomason - March 10, 2013 at 2:04 am

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