About Me

Thank you for checking out my website. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Jo and I have lived in the great state of Texas since I was 3 months old. However, I realize that there are 49 other great states in our Nation, so don’t think for a heartbeat that my art is limited to Texas stuff.

While working as the manager of a Craft Mall, I discovered I could paint. It started when a woman came in with a wooden Dalmatian dog wearing a Santa hat for her front yard. She wanted another one to look like a female and 3 puppies representing her family.

I decided to take on the challenge myself, and it was a success. To top it off, I made a sign shaped like a huge dog bone (biscuit) that said, “Season’s Greetings from the Wheat Family”. She loved it, and suddenly I found myself busy making Christmas Yard Art.

After Christmas was over for the year, I started painting smaller items, useful items and selling them out of the store.

Painting is GREAT therapy for me. I enjoy it, and it relieves my stress and makes people happy, which makes me happy.

I’m open to ALMOST any suggestion and I do calligraphy and signs as well. My work is VERY reasonably priced and I get it done and ready for shipping in a very timely manner.

So, cruise through the pictures and see what appeals to you. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you again and please, tell your friends.